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21. 10. 2019 13:10


200 engineers download ‘measurable safety’ of autonomous vehicles spec’

Foretellix, the Israeli based start-up with a mission to enable measurable safety of autonomous vehicles (AVs), says 200 engineers from 130 companies and universities have now downloaded its new Measurable Scenario Description Language (M-SDL).

M-SDL is the first open language that addresses multiple shortcomings of today’s formats, languages, methods and metrics used to verify and validate ADAS and autonomous vehicles (AV), and address the industry mandate for ‘measurable safety’.

200 engineers download ‘measurable safety’ of autonomous vehicles spec

By opening and contributing M-SDL, tool vendors, suppliers and developers will be able to:

  • Use a common, human readable, high level language to simplify the capture, reuse and sharing of scenarios
  • Easily specify any mix of scenarios and operating conditions to identify previously unknown hazardous edge cases
  • Monitor and measure the coverage of the autonomous functionality critical to prove AV safety, independent of tests and testing platforms

Version 0.9 of the M-SDL specification was made available for registration, download and feedback from engineers evaluating and using the language.

In the first month of industry availability, 200 engineers from 130 companies, regulatory bodies, universities, and research institutes downloaded the specification. This includes 20 OEMs, Tier 1s and large dedicated AV developers. 

“We are extremely pleased with the huge interest in M-SDL by a wide range of stakeholders in the ADAS and autonomous vehicle ecosystem”, says Foretellix CEO Ziv Binyamin

“We will continue to improve M-SDL by working closely with customers, standards bodies such as ASAM and regulatory agencies.”



Version 0.9 of the M-SDL specification, an overview of M-SDL, and the M-SDL Partner Program application is now available on Foretellix has also contributed the M-SDL concepts to ASAM as part of its active role in helping to shape the next generation of the OpenSCENARIO standard.


About Foretellix

Foretellix’s mission is to enable ‘measurable safety’ of autonomous vehicles, enabled by a transition from ‘quantity of miles’ to ‘quality of coverage’.

Foretellix was founded by a team of pioneers in measurable verification and validation, with a highly automated and proven coverage driven methodology broadly adopted in the semiconductor industry.

They have adapted and tailored their approach for the safety verification and validation of autonomous vehicles.

Foretellix’s Foretify Technology includes an open, high level Measurable Scenario Description Language (M-SDL), intelligent and scalable automation, analytics and metrics.

This includes the functional coverage metrics required to make a compelling ‘safety case’ to consumers, developers, insurance companies and regulators.

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