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21. 06. 2019 12:06


An end to chasing bits of paper...

Software means everything is handled digitally

Instant communication with its customer network for digital jobsheets, plus maintenance scheduling, invoicing and authorisation requests, are all now being used by Longhurst Refrigeration.

It replaces a combination of manual paper processes and disparate systems for invoicing and scheduling.

The move follow further investment in the connected r2c Online software platform to optimise its vehicle maintenance.

Longhurst Refrigeration director Jason Longhurst says: “We’ve used r2c to digitally collaborate on jobs with Prohire for the last four years.

“Now, that we’re familiar with the platform and how it connects with our customer network, we’ve decided to extend the benefits of digital customer service across the business.”

Longhurst service centre manager Fred Allen adds: “We used to use paper processes, however with our recent increase in mobile technicians the delays in paperwork were becoming too much.

"We used other online systems too but they still required manual processes. With r2c it’s an end-to-end system so everything our workshop needs is all in one place, removing any delays or duplication and reducing manual data input.”

R2c Online MD Nick Walls says: “We’re delighted to be working with a customer-oriented business like Longhurst Refrigeration and look forward to helping them enhance their services even further in the future as our online network continues to grow and the platform evolves.”




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