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For TomTom, read Webfleet from next month

Following the acquisition of TomTom Telematics by Bridgestone Europe (Bridgestone) on 1 April 2019, Bridgestone has announced that TomTom Telematics’ company name will become Webfleet Solutions as of 1 October 2019.

The business serves 1.2m vehicles with mobility subscriptions and fleet solutions across its Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets.╩

The acquisition of TomTom Telematics was motivated by Bridgestone’s ambition to strengthen its digital capabilities, as part of its ongoing transformation from a premium tyre producer into a mobility solutions leader.

The new Bridgestone company is Europe’s number one provider of fleet solutions, a double-digit growth industry.

TomTom becomes Webfleet Solutions

The acquisition has reinforced Bridgestone’s footprint in data-based solutions that make fleet operations more effective and efficient.

Now, the newly-named Webfleet Solutions – inspired by its main solution platform Webfleet, which has been providing leading telematics for fleets for the past 20 years – reflects Bridgestone’s ambition to provide a wider range of digital mobility and fleet solutions to its customers and consolidate a global leadership position.  

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and President of Bridgestone EMEA, says: “When we acquired Webfleet Solutions at the beginning of the year, we created a fleet solutions powerhouse.

“Together we have every capability to lead in what is an incredibly exciting, fast growing, and innovative area of mobility.

“We have the ambition, the infrastructure and resources, the data and insights, and we have the people and their unrivalled knowledge.

“As the new worlds of connected and autonomous mobility rapidly become a reality, together Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions will ensure that our customers can enjoy every benefit of this new era.”

As they have done since the acquisition was first confirmed, teams from Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions will continue to explore new opportunities and innovate together, to deliver future business growth and value to their customers, says the firm.



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