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12. 03. 2019 16:03


Goodyear launches OMNITRAC Heavy Duty Truck Tyre Range  for tough working environments  

Goodyear has revealed its new OMNITRAC Heavy Duty Truck Tyre Range – perfect for vehicles operating in tough working environments.

The innovative tyre's development focused on operation excellence for all kinds of terrain and weather conditions

Developed for tippers and other heavy-duty trucks, both tyres in the range are regroovable and retreadable and have been developed according to the ‘Multiple Life Concept’ approach.

Goodyear OMNITRAC heavy duty tyre range

This allows fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially lower their costs, while reducing their carbon footprint.

This tyre launch covers the most popular sizes used in tough on- and off-road conditions.

The OMNITRAC Heavy Duty truck tyre range is specifically designed for mixed service trucks operating under severe conditions; offering improved durability, efficiency, mileage and traction in all weather conditions.

The new tyre range is especially developed for tippers and other heavy-duty trucks driving short distances on public roads but predominately operating in challenging unpaved working environments, such as on construction sites and in mines and quarries. 


Accidental damage covered by guarantee

The new range comes with the Goodyear OMNITRAC guarantee, covering accidental impact damage that renders a registered tyre unrepairable and unusable, and it also includes 100% retread casing acceptance.

"Last year, we launched our new OMNITRAC S & D tyres, which are specifically developed for vehicles that operate in mixed service applications and spend the majority of their time on roads," says Maciej Szymanski, Director Marketing Europe for Commercial Business Unit at Goodyear.

"The Goodyear OMNITRAC Heavy Duty range covers trucks predominately operating on sites with severe terrain, but which also drive on-road for short distances.  Goodyear ORD is our established off-road range providing excellent traction in the most extreme conditions.


Full spectrum of innovative products

 “We now offer a full spectrum of innovative products covering all applications from on-road to very challenging working environments.

"The end-to-end offer is complimented with customisable smart solutions and the support of the reputable Truck Force network – which is an integral part of Goodyear Total Mobility, our tailored value proposition for fleets”.


Sharp stones and potholes

The new OMNITRAC Heavy Duty tyres are designed to cope with sharp stones, wet surfaces, muddy roads, steep slopes and pothole, as well as specific applications requiring high torque such as steer tyres on hydro-drive vehicles.

The new OMNITRAC Heavy Duty offers excellent traction in severe mixed service applications combined with enhanced fuel efficiency and connectivity. 

With DuraShield technology, it provides a balanced performance with a focus on robustness for long tread life in mixed service applications under tough operating conditions.  

The latest technology includes an exclusive top belt for extra resistance to casing damage and corrosion, resulting in improved retreadability.

Compared with its predecessor the OMNITRAC MSS II and MSD II, the new tyres provide enhanced performance in the areas of stone holding resistance, chipping and chunking resistance, connectivity and durability, while rolling resistance and fuel efficiency are maintained or improved in line with new developing legislation.

The 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snowflake) marking means an improved level of winter performance and compliance with increasingly stringent winter tyre regulations.


Trailer Tyres

Goodyear OMNITRAC MST II 385/65R22.5 and 445/65R22.5 trailer tyres complement the new OMNITRAC S & D Heavy Duty tyres offering high mileage and enhanced grip for on- and off-road applications with excellent damage resistance and high stability. 


Increasing uptime

Correct maintenance as well as precise, real-time monitoring of tyres is paramount in tough environments such as those experienced by mixed-service vehicles. 

The performance of the new OMNITRAC Heavy Duty range can be optimised even further to assure greater piece of mind for fleets – especially in remote locations and in severe conditions - with Goodyear TPMS. 

Thanks to advanced telematics and Goodyear’s unique algorithm, this mobility solution can constantly monitor the tyres and give instant warnings if tyre pressure or temperature fails to meet acceptable parameters.

This can result in 15% more working hours and 85% fewer tyre-related incidents - supporting operators in increasing uptime and decreasing breakdown costs.


Multiple Life Concept

All OMNITRAC tyres are both regroovable and retreadable and have been developed according to the ‘Multiple Life Concept’ approach – allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their costs per kilometre while reducing their carbon footprint.



In line with all recently introduced Goodyear truck tyres, OMNITRAC Heavy Duty tyres have radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Connectivity for tyre management and tracking systems is integrated via a chip in the tyre. The RFID sidewall symbol is a deterrent to thieves, as the tyres can be traced.


OMNITRAC Heavy Duty – Sizes

The launch covers the most popular sizes used in tough on- and off-road conditions.


About Goodyear

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre companies. It employs 64,000 people and manufactures its products in 47 facilities in 21 countries around the world. 

Its two Innovation Centres in Akron, Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry.

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