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27. 02. 2020 11:02


VIDEO: How Volvo built the beast - The technique of stacking trucks, with the boss on top of them!

As part of its launch of its new range of heavy-duty trucks, Volvo released a dramatic video in which one of each of the new range is stacked on top of each other, and then driven in a night-time scene through thunder and rain.

Topping this, Volvo President Roger Alm (pictured), stands on top of this gigantic creature as he is lashed by wind and rain as it drives forward, while a powerful soundtrack (based on Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis) builds the tension.

In the film ”The Tower” (we launched the new Volvo FMX, FH, FH16 and FM — by stacking them on top of each other. Now, we go behind the scenes. See how the tower was constructed, find out what made it possible, and hear Roger Alm, the president of Volvo, talk about standing on top of this gigantic creature.

The video concludes with the strapline: "We are launching four new trucks. Strong enough to carry each other."

"And our President"


No GCI trickery - but real trucks and people on a set

Now, in a separate video (below) Volvo has revealed how it did it and - unlike many modern cinema productions - there is no CGI, but real trucks, a real driver, and no stunt double for Mr Alm, who admits he has a "respect for heights."

But it was the scale of what Volvo is doing that persuaded him to agree to take part: "It's the biggest launch ever at Volvo Trucks," says Mr Alm.

"The industry has never done this before, launching four new models at the same time. They will have a positive impact for our customers' profitability."

"So we are doing this with big enthusiasm and big passion in bringing this out to the markets."

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