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30. 12. 2019 12:12


MAN banishes the 'vroom, vroom' noise from children's rooms...

In a commercial for MAN’s electric van eTGE, they show a future in which children no longer say 'vroom-vroom' when playing with toy cars, but 'shhhhhh'.

When children play with model cars, the 'vrooming' sound has been a matter of course for decades. 

If the age of electromobility really comes at some point, however, that should change, says MAN.

In a charming advert for the MAN electric van eTGE, made by Berlin-based advertising company Scholz & Friends, it envisages a vision of a future in which the distinctive sound of the combustion engine has already disappeared from the world of children.

The 90-second ad shows the MAN electric van, which drives silently on the streets. 

Alternating with the settings of the van, it shows everyday situations in which children play with model cars with their parents and grandparents. 

While the older ones continue to mimic the humming motor noises, the little ones imitate the gentle whirring of the electric motors. 

MAN want to make it clear that it is not only quieter and more pleasant on the streets - but also in children's playrooms.

"The aim of this clip is to convey the product benefits of our MAN eTGE in an emotional way and to respond to our brand promise 'Simplifying Business'", explains  Björn Loose , Senior Vice President Marketing & Brand at MAN Truck & Bus. 

"With our products and services, we want to make our customers' business easier, more efficient and therefore more successful. Our electric transporter is a good example of how easy it is to get started with electric mobility."

André Sternberg, Head of Creation at Scholz & Friends Neumarkt, emphasizes that e-mobility is at the top of the agenda not only in the car sector, but also in commercial vehicles.

"In our globalized world, freight and freight transport always takes one on the roads. Manufacturers have to deliver low-emission solutions in order to achieve social acceptance. We are pleased to be able to participate in a project at MAN eTGE that meets the mobility requirements of the future. "

The film is on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn and will be played across Europe. 

With the MAN eTGE, recognised as the best electric van of the year at the ETM Awards 2019, MAN wants to appeal primarily to the logistics and dispatching industry as well as small businesses.


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