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08. 02. 2019 13:02


The connected vehicle: It’s cheaper than you think…

Mercedes-Benz Vans is providing fleet operators with free driver behaviour monitoring for three years, on all new Vito Tourer and Sprinter models.

Its connected-vehicle solution - called the Mercedes PRO Connect service - is included on all vehicles produced from May 2019, and can be retrofitted to any existing new Sprinter.

Research for Mercedes-Benz found that fleets are increasingly using software to monitor driving standards.

Connected vehicles - van software is now free from Mercedes Benz

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of fleet and SME customers surveyed, claimed that they want to use telematics or connected vehicle technology for this purpose.

With more than 4.2m vans on the UK’s roads, using connected vehicles’ telemetry provides businesses with the tools to analyse driver behaviour and identify areas where improvement is needed.

By offering the solution free-of-charge, it shows the commitment of Mercedes-Benz Vans to safety, efficiency and innovation.

Mercedes PRO Connect enables a multitude of vehicle data for each individual trip and a holistic fleet view of the whole fleet of vehicles to be interrogated by vehicle managers.

These data points include: acceleration behaviour analysis, anticipatory driving behaviour, coasting and smooth driving analysis.

In addition, safety critical data, such as harsh cornering and braking warnings, are shown instantly to the fleet manager.

Analysis of driving behaviour data can identify trends that can be addressed in order to maximise safe driving practices.

Fleet managers can ascertain the safest depots, regions or individual drivers, using the Mercedes PRO connect driver’s app.

It’s also possible for drivers to maximise the longevity of certain wear-and-tear components, such as brake pads and discs if these parameters are known to them and vehicle managers put in measures to improve safe driving performance.

This approach can also have positive benefits in terms of fleet uptime and costs – when combined with other features of Mercedes PRO connect, such as live service indicator information and the monitoring of safety relevant parts, like brake fluid.

Mercedes-Benz Vans UK MD Steve Bridge says: “We are extremely proud of our connectivity solution and have therefore decided to include at no cost to our customers.

“Keeping their businesses moving is our priority, and with our new drive style monitoring solution software included as standard, company owners and vehicle managers can spend less time worrying about the vans and drivers, and more time therefore focused on their business and customers.”


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