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21. 06. 2019 13:06


Ticketer heads to mainland Europe to demonstrate its technology

Ticketer, the UK’s leading integrated revenue, tracking, performance and fleet management provider, exhibited for the first time at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, as part of the company’s expansion plans.

The event coincided with Ticketer’s 10th Anniversary, during which time it has grown to become the largest electronic ticket machine supplier in the UK, while also starting to expand successfully into new markets.

Ticketer in Europe

Many bus operators in the UK have benefited as Ticketer has relentlessly pursued a decade of technical developments, which include (amongst many others) contactless payments, schedule adherence and the latest developments of EMV Tap On/Tap Off technology.

At the UITP Summit, there was a huge amount of interest in Ticketer’s EMV Tap On/Tap off solution, which ensures that passengers pay for their actual journey made rather than a flat fare.

Passengers Tap On with their contactless credit or debit card, then Tap Off as they disembark. They no longer need to state their destination or ticket type to the driver, and all with any contactless credit or debit card they may own without the need to carry a dedicated regional smartcard.

Visitors were also able to explore the full range of features in the Ticketer solution, both hardware and software, which have seen the company rise to become the largest supplier of EMV on-bus ticketing solutions in the UK.

All Ticketer’s ETMs run identical software, with the same features available whether the operator has thousands of units or just one. The ETMs can accept multi-currency payments in the form of contactless EMV as well as mTickets, paper QR tickets, Apple and Android Pay, smartcards and cash, enabling operators to tailor payments to the preferences of their passengers.

Says Ticketer MD John Clarfelt: “Although we are well known in the UK, and have successful installations outside of the UK, this was our first foray onto the European stage at a major exhibition.

“We were excited to showcase our market-leading technology to a new audience and explain our philosophy of providing the same service to all customers regardless of fleet size.

“We took the opportunity to explain to our many UITP visitors that all new software updates and technology developments are made available to all operators for the lifetime of the ETM, at no extra charge, and this was very well received.”



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