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26. 08. 2019 08:08


UK’s largest fleets poised to switch to electric in next year

The UK’s biggest van and car fleets are poised for a rapid switch to electric vehicles, driven by wider corporate objectives, says a new report.

The Fleet 250 report, published by 360 Media Group, analyses the policies, strategies and purchasing behaviours of the UK’s 250 largest light commercial vehicle and car fleets, range from 370 to 49,100 vehicles.

Together, the fleets surveyed operate 599,321 vehicles, including 261,370 company cars (about 30% of the UK’s company car parc) and 283,597 LCVs.

Electric charge points

The report says that 88% of these fleets expect to order an electric car in the next 12 months, and 71% intend to invest in charge points.

The move is being driven by PLC commitments to achieve carbon neutrality.

The report highlights the financial challenge of fitting electric vehicles into existing company car choice bands.

The flip side is that electric vehicles are competitive, particularly for higher-mileage vehicles where energy costs per mile are between one-quarter and one-third of petrol or diesel.

This is helped by growing fleet confidence that the whole-life costs of electric vehicles, particularly when including cheaper service and maintenance costs as well as shorter vehicle downtime.



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