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  • Everything you always wanted to know about the MirrorCam...

    As Mercedes-Benz Trucks replaces conventional rearview mirrors with the MirrorCam camera system on the new Actros we ask, what are the advantages of MirrorCam? How does the whole thing work? What needs to be considered? 

  • The latest generation tachographs, known as the Smart Tachographs, are the new standard. With all new trucks, coaches, buses and minibuses registered after June 2019  equipped with Smart Tachos, every operator needs to adapt. FleetGO Tachograph sets out the most important changes that come with the Smart Tacho. 

  • 'Flight shame' - is it taking off?

    20/02/2020 Emily Mason

    Air travel is important for global trade and connectivity, but is the most difficult transport mode to decarbonise, so some people have stopped flying. Emily Mason explains the origins of the term ‘flight shame,’ how it has led to ‘flight free’ campaigns, and the aviation industry’s response

  • The industry-wide challenges associated with mixed-loads, cross-docking and consolidation, have been solved. Peter Green Chilled, one of the UK’s leading temperature-controlled logistics operators, put the app-based system to the test.
  • Clear messages for the future of urban vans in White Paper

    28/11/2019 International Van of the Year jury

    The International Van of the Year (IVOTY) jury has launched a White Paper The Evolution of the Light Commercial Vehicle in the Urban Environment. It highlights logistical issues relating to the continuous population growth in towns and cities.

  • Unless alternative powertrain solutions are found for medium and heavy commercial vehicles, it is unlikely that transport decarbonisation targets will be met

  • Electric trucks are no longer a vision of the future: They’re here and now, says Volvo. Its fully electric Volvo FE and Volvo FL pave the way for a cleaner, quieter urban environment

  • More than 10,000 UK trucks and buses will be using gas within the next six months. For alternative fuels - especially in the medium and heavy duty sectors - it’s not all about electricity says turnkey provider Roadgas.