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15. 11. 2019 09:11


Mission Ready: Significant progress on ITT Hub 2020

With just six months to go until ITT Hub 2020 opens its doors next May, Mark Griffin, CEO of event organiser Binswood Media speaks with to reflect on progress to date and to share his ambitions for the new event.

“Last autumn we set out on our journey by announcing an exciting new trade event for the industry – Innovation & Technology in Transport – ITT Hub 2020. A bold decision, but what an amazing and interesting journey it is proving to be so far.

“Our team at Binswood Media set out to create something new, different, interactive, relevant, forward thinking, and experiential.

Mark Griffin CEO ITT Hub 2020

“We’ve been accused in some quarters of ‘shaking the tree’ by changing the way exhibitors, suppliers and visitors approach events. We make no apology for that because that was exactly our intention.

"I’m delighted too that we are getting support from an increasing number of people from every part of the road-based transport sector, which suggests we are really in tune with what the market is looking for.

“Too many events in some sectors have been the same for too long. Many are experiencing a steady decline in both exhibitor and visitor numbers but are failing to act positively to arrest this decline or to improve the return on investment on event budgets, which are already increasingly under pressure. Exhibition organisations will find that talking about change but not delivering it won’t cut the mustard in the medium to long run.


ITT Hub 2020 will be different

“All businesses have to reinvent themselves after a period of time and events are no different. ITT Hub 2020 will be different - that I can guarantee. We will, of course, be judged on what we deliver and there is still plenty to do before we open the doors on 13th May next year.  But we continue to make significant progress, despite some pretty strong and unexpected headwinds, which we all face.

“With over 60 exhibitors (check out the list of leading names on our website – there are some great brands), a strong and supporting Advisory Board, Commercial Partners in place with Centrica, Lloyds Banking Group, Lex Autolease and National Grid and the FTA as Strategic Partner, we are really proud of progress to date (not forgetting the launch of our new digital channel Our Chairman, Leon Daniels, is keeping us on our toes to make ITT Hub the ‘must attend’ event in transport sector in 2020.

“I’ve attended a number of industry-related events this autumn and met with lots of transport sector professionals including OEMs, suppliers, local authority planning officers, truck operators, energy suppliers and many more. All spoke of their frustration of the difficult trading environment that has cast a long shadow, especially this year.

“Some are, understandably, choosing to delay investment plans until the business landscape becomes clearer. Equally, there are a number of organisations who have not been deterred from making bold commitments to take their respective businesses forward.


Shift away from fossil fuels

“One thing that can’t be put off is planning for a shift away from fossil fuels, with the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ campaign underpinning the drive to provide low emission transport solutions.

Our industry knows that alternative forms of fuel-efficient vehicles and transport is the way forward. The baton has been well and truly grasped, judging by the many discussions that I have enjoyed in various exhibition aisles in recent months. It is the start and there is a huge amount of collaboration and investment needed in order to meet the ambitious targets set out by Government.

“And that’s where we intend that ITT Hub 2020 will play its part. Our team and partners are making bold decisions in our approach to this new event.

“For instance, last week we were able to announce that astronaut Major Tim Peake will be our keynote speaker, significant news which has been very well received by everyone I have spoken to in the market.


More than 100 speakers

“Over 100 other leading industry speakers have already stepped forward to take part in the free to attend FTA Future Logistics Conference, with others pledging their support to participate in thought leadership and case studies. We are still actively inviting more speakers to join us, so please submit a paper if you haven’t already done so.

“We know already that there will be more vehicles at ITT Hub 2020 than any other road-transport related UK trade event next year. This will include vans, trucks, trailers, minibuses, buses, coaches and technology being showcased on individual stands and, because it is not a static event, in the Demonstration Drive Programme.

“It also seems that we were ‘ahead of the curve’ in choosing Farnborough International Conference & Exhibition Centre as a venue for a new and exciting event.

The British Motor Show will be reborn there in August next year, with other transport events no doubt set to follow suit. I never tire of seeing people ‘wowed’ when they see the venue for the first time.


Fresh, different and exciting

“Together we are working tirelessly with all our stakeholders to deliver something fresh, different and exciting to be part of at Farnborough on 13th and 14th May 2020.

“For exhibitors, the cost of participation is much lower than at other events and with free parking, a free shuttle bus service, free access to the conference programme and access to a industry networking event at the end of day one of the event, there is huge value in every sense of the word for visitors to ITT Hub 2020.

“There is no doubt that we are living in ‘interesting times’, with many outcomes still far from being certain. One thing we can be sure of is that addressing the challenges of climate change and the journey along the road to ‘net zero’ is not going to be solved quickly and not without new ways of thinking and working.

“Innovation and technology took Tim Peake into space and, like our keynote speaker, we are mission ready!”

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