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08. 10. 2019 09:10


‘Our goal is to be the leading European electric commercial vehicle provider’

Announcing that the London EV Company (LEVC) zero-emission capable TX sales have hit the 2,500 mark, the firm’s CEO has set out a bold ambition for where he sees the company’s future.

“Our goal is to be the leading European electric commercial vehicle provider,” says Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC.

In the near future, LEVC will add to its commercial vehicle range with a new line-up of models that will use shared technology with parent, Geely Commercial Vehicles.

Based on the TX, LEVC’s new light commercial electric vehicle, called LCV, will also be made at its state-of-the-art factory in Ansty, Coventry.

LEVC’s new light commercial vehicle, called CV

Geely has invested more than £500m since 2014 into developing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced taxi.

The vehicles are already making a huge contribution to reducing urban emissions, not just in London but across the UK and in Europe too.

LEVC manufactures the world’s only purpose-built, range extended electric taxi from Since January 2018, more than 2,500 electric taxis have been produced.

The world’s most advanced cab has been a hit with drivers, passengers and cities alike thanks to its green credentials, low running costs and onboard tech.

The TX eCity range extender powertrain allows the taxi to run in full electric mode for up to 80 miles, slashing emissions and running costs by around £100 a week, while giving passengers a quieter and more soothing ride.

more than 2,500 electric taxis have been produced

The 2,500 cabs have already prevented 6,800 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent to 1,500 return flights from London to Sydney.

NOx emissions have been slashed by 99.5 per cent compared with the previous taxi.

Some 850,000 litres of fossil fuel have not been pumped as a result and drivers have saved £3.85 million in lower fuel costs.

The cabs have travelled 21 million miles, 845 times around the Earth, and collectively transported 13 million passengers.

The TX is also available in over 20 cities across the UK, including Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s proved extremely successful overseas too, with sales in Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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