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22. 10. 2019 14:10


Scania reveals opp-charge electric for new Citywide range

Scania used Busworld to show off its new-generation Citywide bus range - which now includes an opportunity-charging electric bus.

“We pride ourselves in being able to offer the widest choice of alternative fuels and have now added a state-of- the-art electric bus to that array of alternatives,” says Anna Carmo e Silva, Head of Buses and Coaches at Scania.

“With a range of 80–150km, the Scania Citywide is well-suited for the vast majority of inner city routes.”

“With the growing market for electric buses, Scania offers outstanding products and services that designed for maximal uptime and operating economy,” she adds.

The 12m Scania Citywide BEV comes with a 300kW electric motor. With Scania’s oil spray cooling system for the motor there are no torque limitations in hilly and warm environments. Even at an 8% grade (1-in-12), the bus will maintain 30km/h.

This cooling system also eliminates the need for AC compromises with both systems fully operational in parallel.

The batteries have been divided with four on the roof and four in the rear overhang to give a lower centre of gravity, enabling better bus driveability and handling.

This distribution of weight enables the bus to carry up to 95 passengers. With fewer batteries, the bus is equal in weight to a diesel and gas bus with a similar passenger capacity.

The Scania Citywide BEV showcased at Busworld is built for opportunity fast charging using a roadside pantograph.

In addition to 300 kW DC roof-mounted charging, the bus is equipped for AC and DC depot charging.

 “Naturally, each transport system must be optimised based on its own set of conditions, however our analyses clearly show that charging throughout the day in most cases provides the best total operating economy,” says Ms Carmo e Silva.

All the main components, such as batteries and powertrain, have been designed and engineered by Scania, for complete vehicle optimisation.

Scania can therefore take complete vehicle responsibility with services and expertise in its global network, which ensures maximum availability.

The bus joins the range of the new redesigned Scania Citywide with better passenger capacity, comfort and driveability. The range is characterised by a completely new lighter interior styling with larger side windows and higher ceiling height.

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