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12. 02. 2019 11:02


Ticketer expands further into Europe with purchase of Norway's FARA

Ticketer has bought Norwegian ticketing company FARA, which also has offices in Poland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. 

The investment in FARA by Ticketer, the UK’s leading ticketing company, increases its product portfolio and strengthens its expansion into mainland Europe.

FARA (an old Norse word for travel) shares the same core philosophy as Ticketer, of making travel easier for passengers. Through the very latest technology in ETMs, back office software and passenger facing apps, FARA focuses on providing Real Time Information (RTI) for use on board, online and on mobile to increase the use of public transport.

FARA is a Norwegian customer-oriented technology company

John Clarfelt, Ticketer CEO, says: "We are thrilled to be investing in FARA and bringing together two leading payment providers in transport.

"We share the same values, and by virtue of working together, in future we will have significantly wider development capabilities and product portfolios for our customers both in the UK and across the rest of Europe.”

FARA and Ticketer both specialise in ticketing and location-based solutions for public transport and share many similar business attributes.  Both companies are leaders in their respective markets and have a strong reputation for industry leading R&D and delivery.

FARA CEO Ørjan Kirkefjord says: “I am delighted that Ticketer has acquired FARA. Their investment in FARA will combine products, skills and market share to create a powerhouse in IT solutions for public transport. We have big ambitions to grow our business, and Ticketer is an ideal partner for this vision.”


About Ticketer

Founded in 2009, Ticketer is now the UK’s most widely deployed ticketing systems supplier, with Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs) on buses across the UK.

Ticketer offers innovative ticketing technology, combined with personalised, responsive support. Ticketer’s mission is to make public transport personal for both bus operators and their passengers, and is committed to revolutionising the public transport industry.

Ticketer offers insight and a wealth of data, giving operators greater real-time visibility of their fleet, driving operations, and revenue. Its technology is customised for operators of all sizes, offering a breadth of live travel information and different payment options, including mTicketing, Wave and Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and ITSO, as well as bringing the latest innovation to the passengers themselves via its multi-operator travel app.

Ticketer has multiple offices in the UK and has now started its international expansion across the rest of Europe and the Americas.

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About FARA

FARA is a Norwegian customer-oriented technology company that provides IT solutions within public transport.

FARA’s aim is to improve life quality, make the environment greener and meet passenger expectations, by making travel easier for passengers, operators and transport authorities.

FARA was founded in 2005 and has cutting-edge expertise and a strong Nordic heritage. FARA offers advanced ticketing, Real Time Information and fleet management solutions. FARA’s solutions are modular, using open standard interfaces and commercial hardware that can be tailored to the customer needs, integrated into existing systems, or used as a full stand-alone solution. FARA products are proven, secure and ready for the future.

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