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04. 01. 2020 09:01


Tropos Motors starts building 'last mile' compact electric vehicles in Europe

Californian electric vehicle manufacturer Tropos Motors has started manufacturing electric commercial vehicles in Europe, working with Mosolf Group in Herne, Germany.

Up to 3,000 compact 'last-mile' commercial vehicles in the L7E-CU category are to be built there a year.

The light electric transporters have a small turning circle, adaptable body options and easy charging at domestic sockets and are ideal for local delivery services.  

Up to 3,000 compact commercial vehicles in the L7E-CU category are to be built there a year.

Initially, the Herne plant will employ 15 people and workers have been able to start production in compliance with all pandemic-specific employee health and safety regulations.

According to Tropos Motors Europe, around 50 new jobs will be created.

Herne, in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet industrial region, will not only be the company’s production centre. Aftersales, quality management and sales will also be based there.

Tropos Motors also aims to establish research and development departments in the same location in co-operation with the regional universities.

The light electric transporters produced in Herne will be adapted versions of the vehicle that Tropos Motors initially developed for the USA.

They can be ordered with different bodies depending on the customer’s requirements, which can also be exchanged later with a few simple steps using an ‘Easy Swap’ system – for example, from a box body to a flatbed.

The vehicles, called Able, are 3.7m long and 1.4m wide. The net payload is 565kg and the turning circle is less than 4m, a useful feature for use in city centres or narrow factory premises.

The Tropos Able ST is the standard model with an AGM battery with a range of 80km and a top speed of 40km/h.

The Able XR has a lithium-ion battery with a range of 105-260km, depending on the model and a top speed of 85km/h.

Up to 3,000 compact commercial vehicles in the L7E-CU category are to be built there a year.

Because of its relatively small batteries, the Able only requires 230-volt sockets ie. from any standard electricity supply with no additional charging equipment. Charging can be carried out – overnight – in eight hours.

Gregory Hancke, Managing Director of Tropos Motors Europe says: “Emission-free, quiet and cost-effective transport solutions are in greater demand than ever.”

He says the Able can also be integrated with digital applications such as central fleet management, predictive maintenance or sharing offers via an optionally available data box.

Mosolf Group, is primarily known as an automotive logistics company. The production of Tropos vehicles marks the Group's entry into the field of electric mobility.

CEO Jörg Mosolf sees “enormous potential for sustainable and economically sensible mobility of goods, especially on the last mile and on company premises.

“Flexible and environmentally friendly transporters are required to enable CO2-neutral transport in regional and intralogistics."

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