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08. 06. 2019 11:06


Wot, no mirrors! Metroline trials SmartVision camera system in London

21st Century has fitted the first bus in the Transport for London (TfL) area with the SmartVision Camera Monitoring System (CMS). By 2021, CMS will be compulsory on all TfL vehicles.

A Metroline ADL Enviro200 single-decker has been fitted with the camera system, which replaces wing mirrors for improved safety.

Ian Foster, Group Engineering Director for Comfort DelGro Operations in UK & Ireland says: “Removal of exterior mirrors has been an aspiration of Metroline for several years, and the performance of the system has exceeded our expectations.”

21st Century has fitted the first bus in the Transport for London (TfL) area with the SmartVision Camera Monitoring System

Because the cameras are much smaller than traditional wing mirrors, the SmartVision CMS reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency. 

More importantly, the system greatly reduces the risk of collisions with other road users, pedestrians, street furniture and trees.

SmartVision dramatically improves visibility in all conditions, reduces the risk of accidents and lowers lifetime running costs of the vehicle. 

It not only removes blind spots but also enables the driver to look ‘over their shoulder’ while still looking at the road ahead. 

Intelligent on-board software automatically adjusts to reduce glare from direct sunlight and headlamps, improves visibility at night without any enhancements and shows clear images in the wettest conditions. 

The software embedded into the system, enables the driver to see clearly and allows the cameras to adapt to rain drops or dirt on the lenses. The system also features a camera heater keeping the lenses clear of ice and snow in winter or fogging in humid conditions.

The Metroline vehicle is fitted with SmartVision cameras on both front flanks of the bus and the monitors are positioned ergonomically inside the cab on either side of the driver so that a simple glance at the monitors will indicate the exact positioning of the vehicle on the road. 

The monitors offer a split screen, with the top displaying the normal mirror view (Class II) and a wide-angle view (Class IV) at the bottom.

the cameras are much smaller than traditional wing mirrors

Adds Mr Foster: “The vehicle is currently being demonstrated around various London depots as part of the TfL Vision Zero project, and the feedback has been positive from all involved. 

“While the system is only approved on new build vehicles at this time, I fully expect retrofit versions to be approved for installation in the near future, especially when the safety benefits are realised.”

Russ Singleton, 21st Century CEO says:  “We are very proud to be the first to fit a CMS in the TfL area. 

“It is an important step towards TfL’s Vision Zero commitment to eliminate death and serious injury involving buses. 

“By 2021, CMS will be compulsory on all TfL vehicles, but operators like Metroline are taking steps now to make their vehicles safer for passengers, the public and drivers alike.”

The SmartVision CMS is the only one of its kind approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). It meets Regulation 46 and will in future integrate with the Safety-Front LIDAR based anti-collision system.


About 21st Century

21st Century is the specialist provider of tailored solutions to the transport community, solving complex operational requirements both on and off the vehicle.

Fleet solutions include video surveillance to improve passenger and driver safety, vehicle and driver performance monitoring and automatic passenger counting.

Passenger information solutions include the necessary hardware and software for electronic passenger information systems, off-vehicle smart ticketing and way-finding.

With over 20 years’ experience in the transport industry, 21st Century specialises in providing innovative technology solutions to improve the passenger experience and provide operational benefits to fleet and network operators. 

Comprised of a Fleet Systems team and a Passenger Systems team, 21st Century provides integrated solutions both on and off the vehicle, and unites the two in order to create the complete connected journey.

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