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08. 07. 2019 12:07


Autonomous digger system improves productivity and safety

Three major Japanese firms have jointly developed an autonomous backhoe operation system.

It automates loading as an important step in the autonomy of construction machinery.

The three firms -  construction firm Obayashi Corporation, technology giant NEC Corporation, and materials-handling specialist TaiYu Co. Ltd - have come together with automation as a way of solving labour shortages.

autonomous backhoe operation system automates loading

In recent years, labour shortages due to the aging of skilled workers and a decline in the number of younger workers have become urgent issues for the construction industry in Japan.

As a result, labour saving measures for the improvement of productivity have become increasingly important.

For this reason, there are great expectations for the automation of construction technology, especially for the development of technology to automate heavy machinery that is currently operated by technically skilled workers. 

To address these issues, the consortium began joint development of technologies for automating general-purpose construction machinery.

They to dramatically improve productivity while capitalising on their collective experience and technological know-how.

As an “important first step”, they have developed an autonomous operation system for backhoes.



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