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01. 06. 2020 14:06


Commercial vehicles targeted, reveals cybersecurity report

Upstream’s Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report 2020 reveals that commercial vehicles have been targeted numerous times during 2019.

The new report shares in-depth insights and statistics gleaned from analysing 367 publicly reported automotive cyber incidents spanning the past decade, highlighting vulnerabilities identified in 2019.

It includes that UK police reported 28 Mercedes Sprinter vans were stolen using keyless entry hacks.

Automotive security

The 40-page analysis, available for free, also shows that there has been a 94% year-on-year growth in vehicle cyberattacks since 2016.

It also says that 57% of the incidents were 'black hat': Criminals with malicious intent, interested in ransom, theft, selling private data to the highest bidder, or simply causing damage.

In contrast, 38% were 'white hat': Attacks carried out with the purpose of warning companies and consumers of security vulnerabilities.

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