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08. 06. 2019 10:06


EAVan aims for “disruptive culture shift” in ‘last-mile’ deliveries

Unveiling the production version of its four-wheel modular delivery vehicle, EAV (Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited) is on-track to deliver its first 12 EAVan vehicles to UK parcel delivery group DPD.

DPD launched the UK’s first all-electric parcel depot in Westminster in October 2018, and has been working towards the introduction of further zero-emission vehicles in the UK.

It has worked with EAV to develop the EAVan, described as a “disruptive culture shift in transport” by EAV CEO, Nigel Gordon-Stewart.

Developed specifically for the rapidly expanding home grocery deliveries market, the EAVan operates exactly like a delivery van in towns but silently, without emissions and with very little weight, so it doesn’t damage roads or pavements or walkways.

EAVan is aimed at parcel and postal deliveries, food and grocery deliveries, couriers, mobile businesses and councils.

Developed specifically for the rapidly expanding home grocery deliveries market

A former Lotus Cars director, who has also held senior positions at McLaren, Lamborghini and BMW, Mr Gordon-Stewart says: “Weight is the enemy of efficiency. To move weight you use energy.

“A lightweight solution was what we needed and that’s exactly what we have at EAV. 

“It is the perfect combination of bio-mechanical transport assisted by technology and low-cost electrical power. 

“In our towns and cities, all over the world, we travel much more slowly than we think.  So, if we don’t need speed we need EAV.  It’s really that simple.”

The EAVan can have a range of up to 60 miles, but a more normal operating envelope is around 15 miles.

He adds: “In London, Birmingham, Paris, Munich and Rome, you travel much slower than you think.

“Because of congestion and traffic streaming, you sit at traffic lights just waiting.

“A van with a combustion engine produces more emissions under load, so starting and stopping is the worst way to use a diesel or petrol vehicle and new electric vans are very heavy and very expensive. EAVans have no such problem.”


Bridging the gap

The Bicester, Oxfordshire-based firm has designed the EAVan from conception to include the minimum amount of moving parts and therefore failure to ensure “operators receive the most efficient and robust vehicle that they can buy.”

It has also designed it for manufacturing simplicity so it can build in volume with relatively low outlay and the potential to reduce vehicle cost significantly.

Adds EAV founder and Technical Director Adam Barmby: “We want to bridge the gap between LCVs and eCargo bikes with the EAVan category of vehicle.

“It is one that comes under eBike legislation but goes further from a safety and operational point of view by adding all normal vehicle features such as lights and load ratings, accompanied by safety standards that other vehicles do not offer.

“It has a significantly-capable braking system, secure rear cargo storage with double door locking, high rider position, spatial awareness with large wing mirrors and unparalleled vision of sight.

“Getting people out of vans and onto eCargo bikes isn’t easy if they think it’s going to be an awful experience. Being exposed to the elements or being low to traffic isn’t going to appeal to anyone.”


British manufacturer

Says DPD CEO Dwain McDonal: “EAV is an incredibly innovative company and it has been fantastic to work alongside a British manufacturer to create such a highly customisable solution.

“Our aim is to be the most responsible city centre delivery company, which means neutralising our carbon footprint and developing smarter, cleaner and more sustainable parcel delivery services.

“Not only does it look amazing, it is also incredibly smart, flexible and future-proofed. As a result, it is perfect for UK city centres and we are really looking forward to adding it to our rapidly expanding zero emission fleet.”

Bicester, Oxfordshire-based EAV is a new generation vehicle production company

How it works

There’s no effort required, says EAV. The EAVan delivery vehicle is the “perfect solution” for city and town post and parcel services. Getting on and off an EAVan couldn’t be easier and using it is a real pleasure, it adds.

Safe, secure, quiet and environmentally friendly, it has a locking system and a handbrake for safety and security.

The thumb-operated E-nertia switch boosts the EAVan up to 5km/h (3mph) and the pedal assist then takes the rider to 24km/h (15mph) in a few short yards while you start to pedal. Then the assist function silently takes over making light work of delivery rounds in any town or city.

Its vehicles are “incredibly light” on the environment and infrastructure, only requiring overnight standard 240v 3-pin plug charging, “un-measurably low” brake and tyre wear compared with LCVs thus reducing particle emissions from heavy vehicles such as electric trucks’ and bus’ tyres and brakes.


Tech-enabled disruption

Says EAV: “This tech-enabled disruption will ultimately evolve the relationship people have with vehicles and transport in general.

“The future is intelligent methods of transport that deliver a sense of purpose and have a real place in urban populations.

Bicester, Oxfordshire-based EAV is a new generation vehicle production company developing solutions in the rapidly-growing zero-emissions vehicles market.

It has a vision that urban mobility can be transformed for the better. It is starting with the ‘last mile’ challenge of urban delivery, reducing the impact on pollution and carbon footprint 

EAV was formed to “develop and revolutionise the way we manage urban deliveries, reducing the impact it has on our carbon footprint and pollution especially with the huge increase of online sales and deliveries.”

It adds: “Our team shares a vision to transform urban mobility for the better.  We want to create a cleaner, healthier blueprint for next generation mobility and help to underpin simpler community-minded futures.”

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