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20. 11. 2019 10:11


On-street chargers to be made from recycled tyres

UK-based firms, on-street charge point provider Connected Kerb and EV tyre developer ENSO have announced a strategic partnership. ENSO will supply end-of-life tyres to be recycled into Connected Kerb’s smart charging stations, accelerating the two companies’ market leading environmental initiatives.

The partnership sees two award-winning companies collaborating to bring increased circularity to electric mobility, creating durable, low visual and environmentally friendly smart city infrastructure.

Connected Kerb made from recycled tyres

Connected Kerb has developed compact chargers for electric vehicles that can be mounted on kerbs, traffic sign poles or boundary bollards at the roadside. The devices,  about 300mm high and cost £2,000, incorporated recycled material and offer connectivity at slow charging rates.

“The movement to adopt electric mobility solutions is driven by the recognition of our impact on the environment," says Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb.

"With that in mind, it seems clear to us that EV charging infrastructure should be long life and low environmental impact. Minimising our environmental impact has been a core focus for us during our development to date and we are delighted to partner with ENSO to further enhance the environmental nature of our EV charging infrastructure.”

“Our co-operation with Connected Kerb allows ENSO to demonstrate its vision of making tyres more efficient, more durable and more sustainable," says Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, CEO of ENSO.

"Today over 2bn tyres are wasted each year, with most of them burnt for energy, creating enormous CO2 emissions, or ending up in landfill. Remaking end-of-life tyres into EV charging infrastructure helps ENSO avoid this growing waste issue, keeping in line with our circular approach to tyres.”

The announcement was made at CoMotion LA and AutoMobility LA staged in Los Angeles. ENSO and Connected Kerb are part of the UK Delegation there, supported by the UK Department of International Trade and the British Consulate General in Los Angeles.


About ENSO

UK-based ENSO is developing better tyres for electric vehicles, delivering cleaner mobility. ENSO's focus is on producing more energy efficient tyres to extend EV range and improving durability to reduce tyre emissions and ocean microplastic pollution.


About Connected Kerb

UK-based Connected Kerb is a smart cities solution that includes electric vehicle charging, IoT sensors and ultra-fast Wi-Fi and 5G; with a vision to make EV charging accessible for all.



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